PROJECT | Project 163 – new build        COMPLETED | 2010

The street elevation is a play of solids and voids. The lively pedestrian nature of
the street and proximity to nightlife meant interaction with the street needed to
be controlled through the design by Sam Teoh Architects


Glazed walls and concertina doors allow the internal and external spaces to flow seamlessly into each
other, visually enlarging the internal spaces



A simple material and colour palette flows from inside to outside for continuity with elements and walls
highlighted by specialist paint finishes


Unique designs by Sam Teoh Architects allow filtered light to permeate through glass blocks in the floor
slab above which is hidden behind a bulkhead


The kitchen is visually delineated through the use of a drop ceiling



The basement houses the client’s requirement of a bar and ‘boys’ room. A glazed window directly into the
side of the pool creates interest, allowing light to flicker into the room as it filters through rippling water


Clean, crisp lines provide a modern aesthetic in the bathrooms­


The master bedroom is designed with a sophisticated luxurious aesthetic



Key materials chosen by Sam Teoh Architects in close partnership
with the client become the feature of the home